Research and Development programme consists of creative work, innovative work, undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge including knowledge of man, culture and society. Quality research and consultancy are given top priority in this institute. The research work is monitored by Doctoral Committees and Departmental Research Committees. Our main motive behind this is to introduce advance trends in the technology and to maintain ground breaking work. Handling real time problems is our challenging tasks. Our students and faculty members are coming with new ideas and making their dreams to success in developing. More than 25 faculty members are doing their research work leading to Ph.D. More than 80 students of each branch are doing their real time projects with innovative approaches. Around 50 real time projects are being operated in this institute. Our students and faculty members are published more than 50 papers for the last year. As the trends in the technology raises up we are with new, innovative, and drastic approaches in the technology development. We are reaching our research limits only through the training programmes and workshops conducted by this institute.