Campus Recruitment

  Campus Recruitment is an anticipatory effort of the companies both Core and Software to envisage the requirement of human resources for the fiscal year and organize Campus Recruitment Process from various colleges across the region. The Placement Officer liaisons with the Corporates in knowing their requirements of the manpower and the skills set expected from the student community. He then, in communion with the Training personnel at the college, designs a tailor made training module for preparing the students to attend the Placement Drive to avail the optimum benefit. The students will be intimated the drive dates with the training schedule. Students are encouraged to participate in the Campus Placement Drive and to make the most out of the whole exercise.

  Campus Placement Process all at the college starts with the collection data of the students who are interested in Campus Placements and exposing them to Campus Training Modules pre-designed. The students however, are also exposed to various training modules of Training personnel both in-house as well out sourced. Most of the students with their sincerity and with the training modules that he/she is exposed make the most of their effort and get placed with various companies.

Remember Campus Placement is a combined effort of a TPO as well the student's efforts.